A unique experience will take you in the mountains under the stars. Feel immerged in the quiteness of the night, the moonlight is enlightening the way. The head lamp is off, and at somepoint you also forget about beeing walking in the darkness, actually you can see your shadow on the snow, everything is touched by the moon reflects back to your eyes with a soft light. The moments are magic, the climb is already giving you a meditative state, and while looking around you’ll experience a deep feeling of awareness, the Beauty is surrounding you.

  • Ski touring equipment and head torch can be rented, our experts will advice you with the bests options.

  • The right night to do it will be choose at the beginning of your holidays, so we will have a reliable forecast.

  • An hot beverage and a snack will be provided by us.

Starting from 100€ per person  // Min two people


20th - 23rd January // 17th - 21st February

19th - 23th March  //  17th - 21st April