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Searching a new way, the Montura spirit. Montura is for those with a goal, an objective to aim for, in search of a style to achieve it in. Every Montura product is designed and shaped where it’s needed: in the mountains, on a rock face.

Uptitude does spectacles and eyeglasses recycling old snowboards and skies. Every pair of glasses comes from a different reused snowboard. All of them are unique. Infinite combination of colours. Uptitude products are hand-made in Italy with top-notch components.

Since 2008 FATCAN is producing the best skipoles in the market. The best alluminim 7075, projected to “reuse” every single part and overall graphic in a “non conic” pole. FATCAN are the straight pole, 100% made in italy, 100% recyclable, one size fits all.

Professional avalanche equipment must function in all weathers, at all temperatures and subject to all external pressures –always ready andabsolutely reliable.

The ABS system is always operational, with no need for charging

Makalu, Warm ski socks for men, women and children. Makalu, well-known french trademark in the warm ski socks purpose technical products for differents mountain activity : skiing, alpin skiing, snowboard (for leisure or in competition) or for trekking. Thin socks are coumpound with made of merinos wool, or silk for a better comfort of the foot.

DMD brand is a synonymous of high quality, safety and comfort.

DMD is the market leader in the Vintage helmet business because it found the way to improve the original 70’s shell design matching with all the modern safety standards.